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Increasing restaurant sales has never been easier. It’s a proven fact well designed digital menu boards with motion graphics – Click Here to see menus in action -- help increase sales by making impressive presentation and bringing customer’s attention to high-margin items, showcasing combo deals, upsell highly profitable desserts and more.

Plug and Play Digital Menu Boards provides everything a restaurant needs to deploy a turn-key, easy to deploy, impactful digital menu boards and in-store digital marketing displays for FREENo hidden charges or surprises!

The FREE Digital Signage Program offers an industrial-grade PC with a lifetime warranty, a 50” display with lifetime warranty, digital signage software with free updates, robust cloud-based content management software (CMS), content hosted in Amazon (AWS) servers with FREE backup, unlimited cloud storage in Amazon servers, HDMI cable and choice of wall or ceiling mount.

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Designed to Increase Sales Effortlessly

All types of restaurants – Pizzerias, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Deli’s, Café’s, Bars, Supermarkets along with a wide range of big and small fast-food chains take advantage of flexibilities and benefits that come with utilizing Plug and Play Digital Menu Boards.

  • Join Prominent National and Regional Brands/Chains
  • Guaranteed Uptime with Lifetime Warranty
  • Make Impressive Presentation Using Motion Graphics and Video
  • Promote High-Margin Items and Daily Specials Effortlessly
  • No Content Creation or Management Involved
  • Professional Designers Create Impactful Content Specific to YOUR Business and Manage all your Digital Displays
  • Make YOUR BRAND Stand Apart from the Competition
Plug and Play Turn-key Digital Signage Package

FREE Tech Support and Consultation

In addition to providing free equipment with lifetime warranty, we want our customers to receive best possible service, therefore, we offer unlimited tech support over the phone at no cost – and the technicians are based in the United States – NOT overseas.

Whether you are migrating to digital menu boards from traditional signs or looking to switch from thumb drive or from another platform, we can certainly help you. We provide free consulting and site surveys where we educate prospective clients and notable clients with latest technologies and best practices – all for FREE of charge!

How Does the Program Work?

  • Simply provide a copy of the current menu with list of items – if applicable a brief description and calorie count, price and any other pertinent information for creating the digital menu boards.
  • Clients may provide their own photos and videos to be included in creating an impressive slideshow. Alternatively, choose images and videos from the library that best represent the items you would like to include in creating the presentation.
  • Our experienced designers will create an impressive digital menu boards specific to your business.
  • Deployment doesn’t get any easier. Plug in the power and HDMI cables and your very own digital menu board will start displaying in about 1 minute.
  • You may make any number of changes, and as often as you would like, by contacting our dedicated team of designers. Your digital menu boards will be automatically updated within 48-72 hours.
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How Much Does It Cost?

Based on more than 6-years of servicing major corporations, franchises, big and small businesses – chain stores and independent operators, Plug and Play Digital Menu Boards services DOES NOT COST them. In fact, increase in sales, cost savings from making changes to the menu boards, specials boards, posters, etc. among other benefits exceeds the nominal cost.

On average, a menu board, specials board or some other marketing display cost about $3.33/day – THAT IS LESS THAN THE COST OF A CUP OF COFFEE!


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