10 Reasons Why You Need Digital Menu Boards

Published On June 10, 2019

Are you spending too much money to increase traffic at your restaurant? Promotions and other marketing strategies are not working effectively? You wish to change your menu, but delay it as it's tiresome and time-consuming?

Digital Signage Menu Boards is the best solution. Although a restaurateur's main focus should be on serving delicious food, menus are equally important to attract and retain customers.

In the restaurant industry, digital menu boards have gained wide acceptance. It is a very quick and cost effective solution to add and maintain customers, resulting in better sales.

More convenient, user-friendly, and eco-friendly digital menu boards entertain and engage customers, giving more options to choose from.

Reasons why your restaurant needs a Digital Menu Boards :

1. Attract customers

A picture is worth a thousand words. Digital menu boards can easily catch the attention of customers with the help of eye-popping food images or videos. This provides entertainment to people waiting in line or walking by your restaurant. An excellent visual display of food items on the offer, makes it easy for customers to choose and make quicker decisions.

2. Increase sales

Digital menu boards can drive sales growth by 10-15%. Owners can display items based on customer taste, demand, margin, promotions, and inventory. This will help customers make quicker decisions and in turn, increases restaurant sales. Digital menus can also help in promoting newly introduced items on their menu boards and make them popular in no time.

3. More convenient

Digital menu boards are convenient. Owners can change menu items, images and promotional videos in minutes. They need not worry about the printing cost and time delay a traditional menu card usually entails. Many big restaurant chain use menu boards to schedule to automatically change menu based on time, day, and the kind of audience.

4. Cost effective

Digital menu boards save cost. Extra expense for printing out new menus or for making even minor changes in promotional offers can be avoided. Owners can also save money on hard labor as line staff need not take down and replace old poster boards.

Not only that, we can recover the initial installation expense of digital menu in a very short span of time.

Maintenance charge for digital menu boards are also very low. It can be updated with no extra expense from anywhere around the world.

5. Easy-to-use Technology

A big plus for digital boards is that they are very simple to handle. Using digital signage software, owners can update menu boards, add offers in all their restaurants. No matter where they are or how many you have. Videos and images can be programmed to run during different days, times, or seasons.

6. Compliance with Food Laws Easier Now

Digital menu boards also allow restaurant owners to adhere to FDA regulations that require them to display calorie counts on there menu boards.

FDA rule states that restaurants which are part of a chain of 20 or more locations must have calorie count on their menu. This helps customers to make informed decisions about the food they want to order.

Restaurants can easily display the required information and can also update if the rule changes.

7. Up-sell/ Cross sell

Digital menu boards help you to upsell, as owners can promote high-margin products and complimentary items on the screen. For eg, a pizza chain can promote complimentary items like salad or garlic bread or a cold drink, which could persuade them to order additional items. This helps to boost sales. Burger King's use of digital menu boards across London and Birmingham locations leds to 64 percent rise in sales in one year!

8. Reduce wait times

As you know, the wait time can make the customers impatient. Images and videos on menu board can help to keep them engaged and entertained. Digital menu boards will also enable them to choose required items faster. The perceived wait time for customers would be less and at the same time overall dining experience would improve. Owners can also add some health tips or fun facts to the display, to improve customer experience.

9. Brand Consistency

With the help of digitalized menu boards, owners can ensure that all restaurant locations are up-to-date and consistent. Traditional menu boards, on the other hand, need constant efforts to manage. There are also risks of employees forgetting to make the needed changes in time.

With digital menu boards in place, regular customers enjoy the same service, even if they choose to visit a different location.

10. Customer testimonials

Owners can provide for customer feedback on digital boards. This helps them build and improve the brand image and customer relationship. Testimonials from loyal customers does not involve cost, and at the same time serves as the best publicity for the restaurant. Building brand image could help retain loyal customers and at the same time develop strong relationship with new customers.

We can undoubtedly say that more and more restaurants are preferring digital menu boards instead of printed ones to boost their sales.

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