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We provide everything you need to deploy and maintain your digital signage.
Managed services includes a dedicated team of designers and content generators to support your content needs on a weekly or monthly basis. Experienced professional designers create a custom display for your specific business using your own content or we will create exactly what you need by working with your marketing team. We also provide you access to the cloud-based content management system (CMS) and tech support for creating and managing your network.


Plug and Play Digital Signage silver package SILVER PACKAGE
  • Free Media Player
  • Free Content - news, weather
  • 1 Hr. Content Creation
  • Tech Support
  • Free Hosting
$137/Month | 3 Years
Plug and Play Digital Signage gold package GOLD PACKAGE
  • Free Media Player
  • Free TV
  • Free Mount
  • 5 Year TV Warranty
  • Free Content - news, weather
  • 1 Hr. Content Creation
  • Tech Support
  • Free Hosting
$87/Month | 5 Years


Easily Networkable Cloud-based Media Players

Self Service SmartSign Media Player $599 $499

For the business owners who like to design and create their own content we offer media players designed to run 24/7. Includes Cloud Based Content Management Software, Preconfigured Layouts and Content Creation Tools.

SAVE BIG WITH MULTIPACK $1196Multipack buy 3 get one free

We offer significant discount for businesses that need 3 or more media players. This is ideal for businesses such as quick service restaurants, fast-casual, bars, franchises among others that are converting to digital signs.

Nationwide Installation Service Standard Wall Mount Installation

Plug and Play Digital Signage nationwide installation service We also offers nationwide installation as part of service. While installation can vary based on application and conditions such as ceiling mount, concrete walls, electrical lines, heat, etc,. We offer significant discount on installation services for our clients. Contact sales for details.

Plug and Play Digital Signage offer on all services for any house of worship
5 Reasons for Subscribing To Managed Services
  • Experienced and professional content creators help our clients translate their ideas into informative and impressive displays.
  • Professionally managed displays produce measurably higher results.
  • Extremely low cost – Clients have access to a dedicated team of expert designers, graphic artists and tech support staff for $20/month.
  • Use all professionally created content for other marketing initiatives (on your Websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Buy with Confidence – We sell TVs lower than any other major retailer & we offer a 5 year on-site commercial warranty.

To place an order or if you have any questions call 888-780-6397 or fill out the form and we will contact you shortly

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Free 5 Year Commercial Warranty
Plug and Play Digital Signage 5 year commercial warranty
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