Real time content manager- a true cloud based CMS

Real-Time Content Manager- A True Cloud based CMS‏

Plug and Play’s CMS is a true cloud based content management system. There are no apps to download. Clients can use ANY browser, ANY device connected to the internet to make ANY changes to one display or manage the entire network consisting of one location or multiple locations anywhere in the world.

CMS Dashboard Displays all the Pertinent Information at a Glance

When a client logs onto Plug and Play’s content management system, the landing page provides all the information pertaining to the account. For instance, the number of players that are online and offline along with which schedules are running and the list of inactive schedules.

Real time content manager- a true cloud based CMS
Manage Your Network Easily From A Single Page

Real-Time Content Manager is designed with the focus of ease-of-use and speed. Platform allows clients to upload assets, create playlists, create channels and schedule players very easily and quickly. Schedules can be assigned to one player, a group of players or the entire network with a few clicks.

Similarly, players can be managed from a single page – this allows assigning specific content or channels, restarting the player and deactivating players among other functions.

Create Impactful Content in Minutes

Real-Time Content Manager comes with built-in tools that help generate content very easily and quickly. Our clients don’t need to have prior content creation experience or be experts in technology for creating impressive and effective content in matter of minutes. Not only does the platform help clients create impressive content, clients can also easily build attractive channels/displays using a combination of assets – video, images, text, etc.

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Real time content manager- a true cloud based CMS
Create Animated Content Effortlessly‏

Most digital signage platforms offer simple and static cookie-cutter templates that are ineffective and do not add much value or help increase sales. Plug and Play’s robust content management system offers built-in tools that are easy to use for generating animated content. Clients do not have to be experts in using a CMS or creating content in general. These intuitive tools can be used by almost anyone to create relevant content quickly.

The CMS contains various pre-defined animation templates that can be customized by clients to create impressive animated content that is unique and relevant to their business. Clients can place customized animated content in any section of the screen.

Import Multimedia Content from a Third Party

Plug and Play’s content management system has a built-in MRSS feature that gives clients the ability to download any Image / Video from a source of their choice to display in any zone.

Timely and Important Content Brings Attention

Plug and Play provides FREE weather and news. Clients can customize the weather by zip code to provide local weather – current, 3, 5, and 7 day forecasts. This content can be added to any area of the screen with a few clicks.

Built-In Tools Make Creating Content Easy and Fast

Real-Time Content Manager offers clients an interface that is simple and easy for creating content very quickly. Clients can use the tools to build the entire channel or simply update certain areas on their display. The platform also comes with pre-built designs to help expedite the process. In addition, clients have the option to use Plug and Play’s FREE content to enhance their displays. If the clients need additional help, Plug and Play’s expert content generators are available to help on an as-needed basis.

Create Your Own News Feed or Subscribe to Any RSS feed

News tickers are a great way to make announcements or to provide timely and useful information. Plug and Play’s content management system allows clients to generate their own news ticker to communicate timely news and information. Clients use this feature for various reasons, including making time sensitive information/announcements. Retailers make use of this to run promotions.

RSS feed displays information in a ticker and the ticker can be placed anywhere on the screen to scroll vertically or horizontally. The Player updates the feed periodically and the latest information is displayed in the ticker.

Endless Design Possibilities

Real time content manager- a true cloud based CMS
Design Your Own Displays to Reflect Your Brand

Cookie Cutter and template-based designs are not the most impressive and don’t meet the client’s needs. Plug and Play’s platform allows clients to build and manage their displays any way they want – only the imagination can limit the possibilities. For instance, Clients can customize the size and shape of each and every zone and place any type of content in any section of the screen to build a display that uniquely matches their vision.

Build Your Own Channel or Let Plug and Play’s Experts do It for You

While Plug and Play’s experienced designers build a custom channel for each and every client using their own assets and idea, Plug and Play also provides all the necessary tools to do it yourself. We help our clients customize and build new layouts or channels based on their own ideas and needs.

Integrate Multiple Content Types in a Channel

Plug and Play’s Platform provides clients the flexibility to include a variety of content in each Channel. Each channel can consist of video, images, text, tickers, weather, menus, grids, animations etc. to build a unique display.

Plug and Play Smart Sign is Designed for Efficiency

Real time content manager- a true cloud based CMS
Designed to work with minimal interaction

Plug and Play smart Sign is designed to work with very little interaction and maintenance. Whether you experience a power outage or turn off power at the end of the day, Plug and Play smart Sign will start automatically when the device is powered up. It even starts the application automatically.

Media Players and the Software Works On or Offline Mode

The Plug and Play SmartSign Line of players are designed to work in online or offline modes. While the players are offline the content that is already downloaded will continue to play. When the players establish connection with the server, the latest content will be downloaded and stored locally to play in online or offline mode.

Make Design, Content and Schedule Changes in Minutes

Clients can make any changes to their digital signage and the updates will reflect on the screen within a few minutes – All connected players will automatically download all the changes and display the updated content immediately.

Automatically Update Displays From Third Party Applications

Plug and Play SmartSign can integrate with third party applications to reflect the changes made to their database. Plug and Play offers two ways of integration:

The Plug and Play SQL Connect app. is a proprietary application, which can be installed and configured on the digital signage device to automatically download data from client's SQL Server. It can be displayed in a particular zone or on the entire channel.

The Plug and Play SmartSign can also integrate content/data delivered via XML feeds. Whenever the client makes a change to the remote XML file, the change is reflected on the display without the client logging into the CMS.